Saturday, February 19, 2011

Alcohol and Moderation

Well, since someone wanted me to talk about alcohol...

I had my first beer at around age 3. I have video; it's pretty funny. Needless, to say, I have always enjoyed drinking. However, getting fucked up is the stupidest thing anyone can do. I learned that the hard way while having a great-ass time. Drinking is at its best when you're buzzed.

One night on a school week, me and my buddy, E , decided to buy some Smirnoff vodka and finish it all in one night. While we were doing this, we decided to go watch a football game. About 30 minutes into the game, we were completely drunk. I started hitting on this girl, and I was doing quite well from what I remember. After all, she ended up calling me in the morning. Well, the game ends and me and by buddy are completely fucked up( me more so). I'm getting carried into my buddies truck. Things are pretty fun. He drives back to his place, and we get off.

Here's the stupid part:
Truck Driver:  "Are you guys alright to get home?"
E(Obviously Wasted): " Yeah, we're straight man"
Me: (Obviously passing out)

Continuing on, me and my buddy walk in a random direction for the next two hours. E is essentially carrying me along. Somewhere in those two hours, I throw up over his jeans(which I find out tomorrow). We finally stop at a random, abandoned house. We spend about a good 30 minutes trying to knock on the door to get in thinking its my place. I tried pressing a non-existent keypad to open a garage and called my little brother to tell him to fucking open the door. Now, the neighbors get worried...and POLICE TO THE RESCUE. I'm down on the ground. Officer picks us up. He uses a breathalyser on us.We both score over .16%.

On to the police station, I think I started crying over some shit, and my buddy is sitting there texting. We were both sitting on some bench handcuffed. He got bailed out by his mom, and I sat there for a while about to go to Juvenile hall for the next two weeks of my life because my parents were out of the country. Luckily, my(just now) legal guardian, T, came in and picked my ass up.

I wake up hung over next to a pile of my throw up. Also, I lose the ability to drink vodka because it automatically makes me gag. I walked by my laundry room and smelled laundry detergent resulting in me almost fucking throwing up. But hey! I get a call from the girl I hit on.

Moral of the story:
Don't get wasted. You do stupid shit.
Drink in moderation.

Cool Story bro.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Kevin.

I'll be taking you through my successes (and failures) in attempting to amass huge amount of wealth for who knows what.I aim in accomplishing my goal in 10 years. I'm 19, and I'm fucking obsessed with money for reasons only I know about :D. I'm currently a sophomore  at ASU, and I'm majoring in finance.

I'm looking to specialize in various forms of investment-mainly stocks. I'm also working on my Real Estate license. I'm pretty much enamored with the business world and economics. If I had the time, I'd probably sit in school and obtain all of the bachelor of science degrees in business. JUST KIDDING.FUCK THAT.

Life is pretty much easy and good. I've never worked hard in my life, and I don't intend to and neither do my parents. I'll just let my brain think hard. I do not look down on people with minimum wage jobs.You have to do what you need to to survive-like my hard-working parents! However, there is no real investment value in working minimum wage(which in itself is already detrimental governmental policy). I don't believe in meritocracy; it's the most ridiculous ideal ever created. I'll talk about it somewhere else.

Well aside from focusing on business and economics as my main goal...I'll have some other crap posted up in regards to governmental policies, education, politics, video games, alcohol, and etc.